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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Form 990 Makeover, Version 2.0

Even hard-core tax mavens don't usually get excited when the IRS releases instructions for tax forms. An exception this year is the release of instructions for the 2009 Form 990, the form to be filed by tax-exempt organizations (other than private foundations) for calendar year 2009 and tax years starting in 2009. … Continue Reading

Applying for Tax Exemption? Toy with the IRS at Your Peril

The Tax Court recently delivered some sound advice - do not play "cat and mouse" with the IRS. In Ohio Disability Association v. Commissioner, a Tax Court Memo filed November 12, 2009, the Tax Court rejected the petitioner's request for a declaratory judgment that it qualified as a public charity. The court's rejection was based on its inability to conclude that the organization would operate exclusively for exempt purposes. … Continue Reading